Eve’s 90

1st Weight Loss Competition in Egypt

May 7, 2022 – August 5, 2022

WIN THE COMPETITION AND GET your money cash back!

Lose weight, build your immune system, gain strength and WIN a healthy body.

The Weight Loss Competition has a duration of 3 months that includes measurements such as weight loss, body fat percentage loss, and size loss.

Each participant will have regular support from a female Weight Loss Trainer and the option to get custom workout & nutrition plans.

Not only will this Weight Loss Competition help you get fit, but the first place female will get back the fees in cash!

  • COVID safe environment
  • Tell a friend! Eve’s 90 competition is strictly for ladies only, open to female members & community

More than 750 female participants were part of it over the past seven years. The 90-day competition had proven to be successful, and 29 contests have been organized so far.

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4 Dimensions of Support




Human Development


How do I get started with Eve's 90?

Eve’s 90 is round 4 times only a year, with a duration of 90 days, at the end of the competition a new one begins

And it is announced before its start, long enough to subscribe.

Who can participate?

This weight loss competition is for women only (age 18 +) – BMI over 25
Competition is aimed at women who suffer from overweight and those who love challenges who want to lose weight and have a healthy life, and they are the ones in control.

If your weight-loss journey has become long and you need companionship. If you still want to lose weight and need guidance and assistance, this competition is for you.

Should I follow a diet during Eve's 90 competition?

We don’t call it a diet, it’s a healthy lifestyle!

Discuss your food preferences with our nutritionist; she will assist you to create a nutritional plan for each week.

How much weight can I lose in Eve's 90 competition?

According to the statistics of the World Health Organization, proper weight loss is from half a kilogram to one kilogram per week.

Heroines of Eve’s 90 always exceed expectations, be one of them.

Do I have to take supplements?

Eve’s 90 competition does not approve any use of nutritional supplements, pills or surgery, Because of our desire for a long-term result, we guide you to lose weight in a natural and safe way.

Do I have to exercise?

You cannot succeed without exercising

We will assist you with a tailor-made exercise program and a personal trainer,
Exercise will be the joyful and relaxing part of your journey with Eve’s 90.

Will I be able to complete Eve's 90 with the same strong desire to lose weight?

With will, yes you can.

We agreed that we are partners in a journey.

The psychological state and mood swings affect the rate of burning, as it may push you to eat without the real need for it.

During 7 lectures, we will together come up with ways to maintain a stable psychological state and understand and interpret the true feelings you are feeling under the supervision of a psychiatrist

During 5 lectures, we will together change some of our unhealthy eating habits, our erroneous thoughts and beliefs about our body and the environment around us, and the impact of that on our eating behaviors, under the supervision of a human development coach.

What are Eve's 90 competition prizes?

The end of the competition is the beginning of a new competition
This gives you the opportunity to watch the stories of heroes like you at the beginning of their journey.

You can also see the achievement that you have made in your journey.

Prizes are distributed to the Competitors according to their ranking, where the first winner gets the value of the entire program,
the second winner gets half the value of the program,
and the third winner gets a quarter of the program’s value

Will my weight-loss journey end by the end of Eve's 90 competition?

By the end of Eve’s 90 competition, your journey will continue on your own.

It takes 3-6 months for a person to change a habit, you will change by then.

Eve’s 90 qualifies you to live a healthy life on your own; you’ll have the will and enough information to complete your journey, so make it happen!

Why are the subscription fees being Expensive?

We wished if the subscription is for free, however, we don’t want the quality of service provided to all participants being affected, so we will not allow ourselves to offer a lower level than the participants are used to.
As for the amount of fees, let me explain three points:

First, the amount of money includes all services offered during the 90 days:
1. training in the gym with a private trainer with respect to a training program for each member,
2. weekly follow up by a nutrition doctor 12 times for each member,
3. follow up with a psychiatrist 7 times during 90 days,
4. follow up with Dr. Yasmin Mahran 5 times during 90 days,
5. a weekly report for each member attached with a result,
if you calculate the cost of each item bearing in mind how much places you would visit and the time you would spend, you will find these fees much less than the service offered to you.

Second, a real chance of a refund in case of winning:
The first rank will be refunded 100% of the fees.
The second will be refunded 50% of the fees.
The third will be refunded 25% of the fees.
Thus, as a result of our confidence in the success of our program, the start day of the new competition is the end day of the current competition; honoring members and receiving prizes at the same time.

Third, and the most important, an evaluation is always made at the end of every competition; all competitors are asked if the paid fees are suitable to the offered service? All contestants, with no exception, always answer that fees are much less than the services offered.

Finally, very few applicants are selected so that we can succeed in getting rid of obesity definitively.

What are the terms of enrolling in Eve's 90 competition?

  1. Commitment to attend the gym 5 days a week; an hour per day; you choose any time that suits you from 6 am to 12 at night.
  2. Commitment to attend every Tuesday from 7:15 pm to 9:15 pm.
  3. Comply with the competition rules.
  4. There is no pathological injury that prevents exercise.
  5. The result of all analysis is suitable for practicing exercise.
  6. Pass the personal interview.
  7. Pay the subscription fee 3500 pounds at once before the reservation is completed.

Enrolment Fees

Eve’s 90 Competition

  • 90-day enrolment
  • 7 sessions – Psychiatrist support
  • 12 sessions – Nutrition doctor, one session per week
  • 65 sessions – Training program
  • 6 sessions – Human development
  • Opportunity to win and get Your Money cash back

E£ 4000

Winner Prizes

  • First rank will be rewarded 100% of enrolment fees in cash
  • Second rank is rewarded 50% of enrolment fees in cash
  • Third rank is rewarded 25% of enrolment fees in cash

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