30 Tips to lose weight

If you already have the will to lose weight, it is helpful to consider these 30 tips:

  1.  Drinking water whenever you feel hungry between the main courses, that should prevent indulging in eating high calorie foods that would be unnecessarily added to your body.
  2. Walking daily for not less than half an hour, since it helps losing weight, and boosts your personal morale to keep up the dietary program.
  3. Do not skip breakfast as it makes you less hungry in the following meals
  4. Start by eating a green salad in the beginning of the lunch and dinner meals as they fill the stomach and makes you feel full more quickly and also reduces the amount of foods you eat later.
  5. Exchanging full cream milk and dairy products with their equivalent with low fats and calories.
  6. Stop eating once you feel full as it’s not important to finish your whole portion preferably if you eat in small plates because that would determine the amount of food you eat since there were studies around this same case where it was proven that using small dishes leads to consuming less amounts of food.
  7. Replacing the white bread that is quickly absorbed by the brown bread that is absorbed much slower because the later stays roaming in the digestive tube for a relatively longer time than its white peer which prolongs the time till you next feel hungry. In addition to that brown bread contains nutritional elements that the white one doesn’t have and which were proven to be crucially important in preventing heart and vascular diseases.
  8. Don’t use sugar, in coffee, tea, chocolate, and don’t use artificial sweeteners. It is true that table sugar is important for the body condition of consumption within the framework of reasonable and acceptable, over-eating leads to oxidation of other substances such as proteins that produce wastes destructive to cells, and lipids that lead to limit the ability of the body to get rid of the bad cholesterol, and collagen, which deprives the skin of its flexibility and its usual tenderness.
  9. Beware of soft drinks, which contain a high amount of sugar food, one of them is the equivalent of 10 teaspoons of sugar, which gives calories surplus, in addition to that these drinks are rich in gas emissions that hamper the process of digestion, and organic acids that damage tooth enamel.
  10. Adoption of whole foods as much as possible, stay away from refined foods, which lacks many of the nutrients as a result of transactions emergency and non-emergency spill.
  11. The abandonment of fried foods for the benefit of boiled or grilled foods, because the former are full of fat, making it full of high energy contributing in excess inventory fat in the body. In addition to this, fried foods are usually unhealthy foods, due to the problems they cause in the digestive tube, weight and arteries.
  12. Use spices to perfume the food on behalf of the sauces (mayonnaise, ketchup, etc.), which are oozing with fats and additions. The spices gives low energy, except that it has a serious medical and health benefits because they contain a natural ingredient beneficial microbe to destruct fungi and toxins, and is useful in the treatment of many diseases.
  13. Stay away from the ready-made and canned foods; because they contain compounds not in the interest of the person who wants to lose weight, such foods are often oozing with triptych health devastating: sugar, fat and salt.
  14. Do not eat in front of the TV as this behavior usually drives you unconsciously eat more.
  15. Chew very carefully before swallowing irrational eating and drinking leads to munching more foods because the brain centers requires some time to be informed by messages from the digestive system to say that it’s full in addition to that eating too fast usually leads to mal-digestion and what tags along like burping alongside bloating and stomach acids ending with an abdominal pain.
  16. Beware of the carbs as some of them may contain some fatty substances (butter, cream, oil) which doesn’t help the weight loss program.
  17. Eat chicken without skin as it contains a lot of fats.
  18. Do not exaggerate when it comes to adding salt because the overuse of salt contributes to the retention of fluids inside the body which leads to gaining more weight.
  19. When you feel hungry between meals you can chew some celery or drink some green tea as they help in burning calories.
  20. Order healthy foods when you are eating in restaurants preferably if you ask about the courses on the menu to make sure you pick the most suitable and the exclusion of what is damaging to the weight loss process.
  21. Do not fill the kitchen cabinets with food specially nuts, sweets, biscuits, and chocolates… etc. So as to cut off the temptations and the possibility of eating them between meals
  22. Doing house chores that would take your mind off eating and consequently motivates you to lose weight.
  23. Replacing meat with fish as it contains a much less amount of calories.
  24. It’s recommended to have a piece of fruit, rather than juice, because it is the richest in vitamins and the poorest in calories.
  25. Go food shopping smartly without exaggerating specially if you write down a list so as to avoid buying any food items excess than your needs.
  26. Go shopping with a full stomach this limits the surrender to the temptation and giving in to un-necessary crackers.
  27. Don’t rush to lose weight, because this method will accelerate the recovery of the lost kilos faster than lightning.
  28. Use the stairs instead of the elevator whenever you get the chance to do so, it is useful in burning a number of calories.
  29. Not to use the car in short distances, but preferably in this case, cut these distances on foot or seek the help of your bike.
  30. Get rid of the remote control while turning on the TV or changing channels it would do you more good if you exert a little bit more effort and as the saying goes “movement is a blessing”.

3 Important Notes

First: some resort to laxative tea, which is sold widely in stores and the funny thing is that those who drink it keep eating and drinking non-stop without keeping count, and their argument for this is that this tea pushes the food out of the body without making use of it yet the truth about it is that using this kind of tea on the long run will inflict a real disaster to those who drink it, because it affects the balance of salts and fluids in the body and besides the grave damage it’s causing the internal membrane lining of the intestines.

Second: there are those who use the mixture of herbs to reduce their weight without any medical advice, but for them to bear in mind that blending several herbs with each other may leave toxic effects cause the most damage to the body, especially the liver and kidneys.

Third: others are lured by the propaganda advocating topical slimming creams, and it says that it burns fat, but what fats that any of these creams burn? This is false propaganda, and all what it does is emptying the pockets of its buyers out of the money!

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