Finding best affordable price gym in Egypt

Regardless to mention that, there are several gyms in Egypt which are divided into three levels (popular – mid-level – elegant), regarding to popular gym, they are found with plenty in slums, using outdated devices and no experienced fitness trainers, furthermore; it offers its services to men only , with very cheap prices.

While mid-level gym are found in popular areas also, and public places. It provides good services at a reasonable price, it owns modern gym devices besides experienced fitness coaches, however; it is overcrowded and lacks to hygiene, likewise; occasionally it doesn’t provide its services for ladies or women and limits its services to men only.

On the other hand; elegant gym is found with plenty in classy areas and neighborhoods in Egypt, it provides whole gym services in a scientific and integrated manner, meanwhile; it is distinct by an outstanding management, correspondingly; it separates ladies gym from men gym, which gives them the opportunity to take the magnificent advantage of the gym from one side, and on the other side it prevents chaos and crowed in appointments.

The question that is aroused now is: how can I find a good level gym with reasonable price that suits my personal budget?
The matter is actually simple, despite the presence of many gyms in Egypt; the choice of a good gym is not as much difficult. These are some tips that will lead you to a gym of good affordable prices.

1- Determining the goal of practicing gym
Each woman must determine the goal of practicing gym, as goal varies from a woman to another. For example; there are those who exercise for overweight and excess fat loss, while there are those who want to maintain and fix their weight to keep slim. On the other hand there are those who exercise gym to strengthen the backbone muscles in order to prevent osteoporosis and backbone pain, as each one of those pays different subscription fees according to the training program assigned for her.

2- Finding the nearest gym near to your home or your work:
It is very simple, you just have to search on google maps for gyms and the nearest gyms to your home or work will appear at once. The second step is to access these gyms website for checking price rates and noting them down, it is preferable that the gym be very close to you, as this will save time and suffer in transportations, specially that it is well known that egypt suffers badly from terrible traffic problems.

3- Setting a monthly budget
After determining the goal from joining the gym and acquiring a list of websites for the nearest gyms to your home or work in addition to finding out their prices by visiting these sites, the next step begins by allocating a portion of your salary or your personal pocket money to the gym.

4- Fitness trainers
The most important thing in the gym is the fitness trainer because he is responsible for developing training and exercising programs moreover; determining weight loss and stabilization programs, in addition to strengthening the body and backbone muscles to prevent osteoporosis, as he is the first person who meets you inside the hall for setting a training program that fits your goals and age as well, furthermore; determining services that you will acquire from the gym therefore; determining the price.

5- Hygiene
One of the most important things is the cleanliness of the gym, because the gym is a fertile environment for the growth of bacteria and germs which are found as a result of sweat during exercise, the superior was the level of hygiene in the gym, the better it was. And hygiene will be accomplished through a constant cleaning of floors, dressing rooms and rinse pools, all of them must be always clean and does not have any dirt or stuck hair. By taking into consideration that shower rooms also should be clean and have specific cupboards for personal belongings.

6- Visiting targeted gyms
It is well known that gyms in Egypt give a free experimenting period consists of a session or two in order to exercise inside the hall and judge before subscription, so in order to judge properly, you should keep going at intervals to take general idea about the gym, experimenting devices and know about the work system inside the gym besides talking with fitness trainers and watching the cleanliness of the lounge as well.